Robert Marcinkowski - An Illustrated Atlas of Old Warsaw

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Wyd I, Warszawa 2005, format 170 x 240 mm, opr. twarda, 216 s.
ISBN 83-922527-0-5
wersja językowa: angielska 

Author: Robert Marcinkowski
Cover design: Wojciech Gawryła,  Robert Marcinkowski
Layout and graphic consultations: Wojciech Gawryła
Cartographical consultations: dr Wiesław Ostrowski
Historical consultations: Jarosław Zieliński
Updating of the maps in the field: Robert Marcinkowski
Elaboration of the maps and text: Robert Marcinkowski
Translation: Piotr Pietrzak


The Atlas by Robert Marcinkowski is a fascinating journey through Warsaw's dramatic last century. The author, through his scrupulous precision and attention to detail, was able to bring forth a unique collection of data showing the history of Warsaw buildings in the 20th century. The particular sheets, based on the famous Lindley maps, illustrate, in a multi-layer way, the buildings from before 1900: the ones which have survived till now, and those (forming a vast majority) not existing anymore, then the buildings raised in 1901-1939, and also the history of individual structures (either reconstructed, or torn down after the war, demolished during the war, etc.).

The Lindley maps from the turn of the 19th century are matched by reproductions of postcards from the author's collection, which illustrate wonderfully, together with their descriptions, the picture presented on the multicolored maps. The whole work will not only satisfy the expert, but will be enjoyed by every lover of Warsaw history.

(Jaroslaw Zielinski, Warsaw Architecture Historian)


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