Photographers of Warsaw: Konrad Brandel, 1838 - 1920 (English)

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Warsaw 2015, format: 20 x 21 cm, 148 pages, illustrated.

"Photographers of Warsaw: Konrad Brandel, 1838 - 1920"

Editors: History Meeting House and the National Museum in Warsaw

 Author: Danuta Jackiewicz, translated by Aleksandra Rodzińska-Chojnowska, design and layout: Maciej Buszewicz.

From the Editor:

Konrad Brandel ensured himself a permanent place in the history of Polish photography as a documentalist, a precursor of medical photography, a photoreporter as well as an inventor of the handheld camera. In 1885 he opened a photography studio in Nowy Świat Sterrt, where he ran a firm until 1891. Took the first photographs of Warsaw form a baloon in flight, thus becoming a precursor of Polish aerial photography.

Achieved priority in medical photography when in 1870 he documented the condition of the patients of Warsaw physicians and medical pathologies, and became awarded the title of Photographer of the Imperial University of Warsaw. Author of the first famous panorama of the capital executed in 1873 while recording the urban development of his nometown from scaffolding over a tower of the royal Castle. 

Konrad Brandel left behind photographs enabling a study of daily life in the streets of the city centre, Pole Mokotowskie, and the districts of Wola, muranów and Praga. chronicled  the social and charity activity of numerous societies and associations. His works offer visual evidence of the cultural and industial growth of Warsaw. 

Brandel was a professional who constantly modernised his technological workshops amd developed a personal philosophyof photography, which in the last years of his life brought him closer to the aesthetics of pctorialism. In 1905 distinguished with the tittle of honourary member of the Warsaw Photographic Society.

In 2012 photograps by Konrad Brandel were presented on postage stamps printed as part of the of the Historia Polskiej Fotografii (History Polish Photography) series issued by the Polish Post and the National Museum of Warsaw.

In the Polish capital Brandel is recalled only on a gravestone at the Stare Powązki cementery. The town house, rebuilt after the war, which is contained his photography studio, stands in Nowy Świat Street, but for the time being lacks a suitable commemorative plaque.  



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